Blaze Fully Automatic Preset for Lightroom Classic

ONLY £19.95!

Change The Way You Work Forever!

There never seems to be enough hours in the day for the busy photographer. BLAZE will change the way you edit forever giving you more time to do what you’re best at – take great photos! Sit back and watch in awe as BLAZE rips through your files matching your vision and creativity every step of the way. BLAZE is inspired by the legendary Fuji Velvia colour process giving you outstanding results every time!

Key Features:

  • A stunning colour process inspired by Fuji Velvia for beautiful greens and blues.
  • Fully automatic processing of all unedited images on import including exposure, contrast & highlight control.
  • Fully automatic straightening and sharpening.
  • Also included free of charge our punchy black and white preset from our Classic Preset Collection.


The BLAZE Fully Automatic Preset for Lightroom Classic will beautifully enhance your images and more importantly, inspire your creativity. Download today!

All our presets work beautifully on JPEG and RAW files from Nikon, Canon and most other camera manufacturers.

This Perfect Preset is only compatible with version 8.1 of Lightroom Classic (August 2019 & later editions). Please ensure you update Lightroom to the current edition before installing BLAZE.