The Off Camera Flash e-Guide


The biggest issue for the contemporary wedding photographer is how to differentiate their work and standout from the crowd. The ability to efficiently use Off Camera Flash (OCF) is a priority skill-set towards achieving this crucial ambition.

The Off Camera Flash e-Guide

This straightforward e-Guide will share David’s OCF methodology enabling you to capture those icing on the cake shots without complexity or great expense. Topics covered include:

  • The relationship between Aperture, Shutter, ISO and appropriate flash power output levels.
  • Appropriate camera and flash gun settings for dynamic OCF.
  • The significance of maximum flash sync speed.
  • Shooting in both daylight and shaded areas.
  • Illuminating your subject to best advantage.
  • The use of wireless triggers and receivers.
  • Creating the perfect dramatic image.
  • The placement of light stands.
  • Rim lighting.

Empower Yourself – Elegance through Simplicity

The Off Camera Flash e-Guide will empower you to capture these ultimate wedding images as illustrated above. This will deeply impress prospective clients and take your photography skills and knowledge to an entirely new level. Buy today!