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Welcome to David's wedding photography mentorship programme. We’re excited to offer you the opportunity to learn from one of the best photographers in the wedding industry. Our programme is designed to help you develop your skills and take your photography to the next level. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced photographer looking to refine your craft, David is here to help. With one-on-one guidance and feedback, you’ll learn new techniques, develop your own style and vision, and gain the confidence you need to succeed. Join the mentorship programme today.

mentorship programme

£35 per week - cancel at anytime
initial assessment
weekly video meeting
direct whatsapp support
regular review of targets
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Our mentorship programme has the singular goal of building a trusted & profitable wedding photography business for you.

Professional development plan

David will assess your individual needs and set up a Professional Development Plan to help you build your fledgling wedding business. He will identify your strengths and weaknesses and will set a range of targets for you to meet in the coming months.


David can help improve your wedding photos by providing you with constructive feedback on your work, particularly with regard to composition. This can help you identify areas where you can improve and give you ideas for new techniques to try. It can also help you develop your own style and vision as a photographer.

a more efficient workflow

David will help you improve your editing technique in these six key areas:

  • Exposure.
  • White balance.
  • Shadows & highlights.
  • Sharpening & noise reduction.
  • Cropping and straightening.
  • Black and white process.


David will help you improve your time management skillset and determine what your priorities should be. He will help you plan and orchestrate necessary interventions during the wedding day. He will help you improve communication with your couples and other suppliers.

support & encouragement

David can provide you with support after a negative wedding experience and can offer you guidance and advice on how to handle difficult situations. He can also provide you with emotional support and encouragement when you need it most. 

A singular business goal

David can also help you plan, prepare and even practice techniques that build confidence. He can support you as you review your targets and journey towards our singular goal of achieving a trusted and profitable business for you.

Mentorship programme. terms & conditions

Plain English.

With regard to this document the terms we, us, our and ourselves refers to David Paul Photography. The terms you, your, yourselves and student refers to a person with a valid monthly subscription to the mentorship programme.

  1. The Mentorship Programme is only available to students who have participated on the Wedding Photography Course.
  2. The Mentorship Programme has the singular goal of helping you achieve a trusted and profitable business.
  3. Your first weekly video meeting will clearly define the parameters of your Personal Development Plan and by extension, to set targets.
  4. Each video meeting (or telephone meeting if preferred) will be, where possible, at a regular time each week and no more than thirty minutes in duration.
  5. Your subscription to the Mentorship Programme may be cancelled at any time. However, no refunds are possible.
  6. Your subscription includes direct access to David via WhatsApp with any questions or issues you may have regarding your apprenticeship.
  7. Your subscription includes a regular review of targets included in your Professional Development Plan.